About People and Water

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THE BOOK THAT BREAKS DOWN MYTHS!The climate is warming. Water is becoming scarce.Wars over water are looming.But what if it is all different?Zbyněk Hrkal‘s book About People and Water takes readers on an untraditional, at times thrilling and dangerous quest for water around the world. The experienced hydrogeologist (as well as author of several detective novels) searched for and found water in arid and seemingly water-rich areas, ranging from the Middle East, to the deserts of Central Asia and Africa, the tropical jungles of the Amazon and Southeast Asia, as well as cold Iceland. He visited places with incredibly wasteful use of water, regions where the natives walk for a bucket of water on a daily basis, and countries that know how to use every drop.During visits to attractive places on our planet, such as Israel, Nepal, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Iceland and Greece, readers are confronted by the major problems of water supply and become aware of the technical and organizational challenges that today‘s civilization has to deal with. Will the Earth run out of water? Are wars over water looming? The author sees the future of our planet in an optimistic light thanks to technologies, which will allow humanity to survive even in conditions that we consider as being critical.First edition, 160 pages.

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Kategorie: Populárně naučné knihy
Hmotnost: 10 kg
Autor: Zbyněk Hrkal
Jazyk: Anglicky
Nakladatel: Česká geologická služba
Rok vydání: 2017

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