Broumovsko - skládačka (A,N)

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Geology of the Protected Landscape Areas in the Czech Republic.Zur Geologie der Landschaftsschutzgebiete des Tschechischen Republik.In English and in Deutch.The area of the Broumov promontory is situated in the northeast Bohemian districts of Náchod and Trutnov. Because of the existence of recognized extraordinary natural and cultural values as well as of a beautifully shaped landscape, Broumovsko received a Protected Landscape Area status on 27 March 1991.Another of the successful series of popular geology of protected areas printed in the  folded form. It contains a simplified geological map, a brief description of relief shapes, description of geological development, conservation of the natural environment and other scientific data. Color photographs bring together the overall character of the area as well as significant sites. It comes in both English and German versions.

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Kategorie: Geologie CHKO
Hmotnost: 10 kg
Jazyk: Anglicky
Nakladatel: Česká geologická služba
Rok vydání: 2015

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