Geological Map of the Czech Republic 1 : 500 000, folded

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Czech Geological Survey issued after forty years of a new geological map of the Czech Republic in the scale of 1: 500 000. This work is the result of years of effort by our leading geologists in the truest representation of the geological structure of the country, but also expresses the author's interpretation. New quality of this geological map is that it uses a generalization of findings collected during the geological mapping of the entire territory of the Czech Republic in the scale of 1: 50,000, which resulted from the work of several generations of the geologists of the CGS,as well as other geological institutions. The new map has been completely digitally processed and will be incorporated into the regional geographic information system. The map is intended not only for geologists, but also for teachers or government authorities.Size: 94 x 149 cm

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Kategorie: Mapy
Hmotnost: 10 kg
ISBN: 978-80-7075-699-7
Jazyk: Anglicky
Měřítko mapy: 1 : 500 000
Nakladatel: Czech Geological Survey
Rok vydání: 2007

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