Metals are where you find them, Geologistʹs travels through six continents

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This is a popular and richly illustrated memoir about travels through six continents during the past 60 years, to learn about geology and ore deposits. It aims to put dry facts as described in technical literature, including the author´s books, into a broader geographic and human environment. The author, born in Prague, presently living in Australia, lectured in Canada and around the world and is founder of the expert system Data Metallogenica. The e-book, targeted on students, travellers and professionals, has 519 pages,11 maps and 1034 photos and graphs on 184 plates.Publication in PDF format, only in electronical form!In English, 519 pages, 11 maps, 184 picture plates, 1034 photos.Recenze knihy v časopise European Geologist, Journal of the European Federation of Geologists, 5/ 2021 (autorka: dr. Zdenka Petáková), str. 42

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Nakladatel: Czech Geological Survey
Rok vydání: 2019

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