Geology for inquisitive minds - Fossils

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NEWS - A brochure with photos with an Augemnted Reality!The brochure shows the  formation of fossils and their species to everybody who is interested in paleontology. It illustrates plants and animals which fossils are created from and the steps of fossil´s formation. It helps to understand the process of petrification. It is a perfect teaching material and contains pictures with an augmented reality! Photos are displayd by using the application named Geology for inquisitive minds – Fossils,  which can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play to your smartphone or tablet.Binding V2, 16 p.Download the application named Geology for inquisitive - Fossils to your smartphone or tablet!Take a look at an example how the augmented reality works!VIDEO ABOUT the BROCHURE Journeys into the geological past - Trosky on YOUTUBE (the same princip of displaying of photos)TAKE A LOOK AT AUGMENTED REALITY ON TABLET

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Kategorie: Periodika a edice
Hmotnost: 10 kg
Jazyk: Anglicky
Nakladatel: Czech Geological Survey
Rok vydání: 2018

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