Journeys into the geological past - Trosky

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The iconic symbol of the Bohemian Paradise majestically dominates its surroundings. The characteristic silhouette of the rock formation known as Trosky Hill is the result of volcanic activity, which occurred in the Bohemian Paradise 19–16 million years ago. Trosky Hill itself is 17 million years old. Many small volcanoes that erupted only over a very short period of time formed throughout the Bohemian Paradise. Their activity was influenced significantly by the environment in which the volcanoes formed. Strombolian-type eruptions prevailed on the dry sandstone, which is the case of Trosky Hill. By contrast, more explosive Surtseyan-type eruptions were caused by the water in the Tertiary wetlands around today’s city of Jičín as evidenced, for example, by Zebín Hill. The Trosky Volcano sparks so much interest that, during its study, Czech geologists were joined by experts from France and the USA. The comprehensive research resulted in a complete reconstruction of Trosky Hill’s volcanic evolution, during which a detailed volcanological investigation was supplemented with a study of magma flow, based on measurement of the magnetic properties of rocks.The brochure Trosky introduces to the stages of the creation, but it also contains pictures with AUGMENTED REALITY! Photos are displayed by application named Geology AR, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play to your smartphone or tablet.Binding V2, 12 p.Download GEOLOGY AR to your smartphone or tablet!And after installing the application, download the ANIMATIONS WITH AN ADVANCED REALITY and see how it works!VIDEO ABOUT THE BROCHURE ON YOUTUBE (IN CZECH)LOOK AT THE AUGMENTED REALITY ON THE TABLET!

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Kategorie: Periodika a edice
Hmotnost: 10 kg
Jazyk: Anglicky
Nakladatel: Czech Geological Survey
Rok vydání: 2017

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